Illegal Killing of Birds Webinar 🔗

Powerlines and Birds Webinar 🔗

The Sustainable Hunting Areas Webinar 🔗

Birds and Waste: The Ultimate Solution. 🔗

Energy Task Force webinar 🔗

Migratory Birds Are Our Guests 🔗

RSCN and Aqaba Special Zone Authority have reached an agreement to develop the filtration plant and sustains the environments that are important for attracting birds and to establish an environmental park where the community and visitors of Aqaba can visit and benefit from.

Al-Ekaider Land Fill 🔗

Jordan has unique geographical location and good climate makes it busy air corridor, the Migratory Birds use the Al-Ekaider landfill, for landing to feed on the leftovers, and to rest.


Agriculture and Conservation of Migratory Soaring Birds in the Rift Valley / the Red Sea Flyway Webinar 🔗

“Mainstreaming gender equality in conservation organizations webinar” 🔗

Although she is the backbone of societies, a woman is rarely given the same trust & opportunity to show her abilities as a man has, something that hinders her impact on nature conservation, which is why the Migratory Soaring Birds project aims to contribute significantly to the gender issue.

To know more about the Gender equlaity , watch the Gender equality recorded webinar.         


The future of birdwatching 🔗

The Red Sea/Rift Valley flyway is the second most important flyway in the world with around 2 million soaring birds migrating twice a year between their wintering grounds in Africa and breeding grounds in Europe and Central Asia through this corridor that include many bottleneck sites ideal of birdwatching across the countries around the flyway, as they migrate.


Database for The Bird Monitoring program in Energy Projects 🔗

The Bird Guardian 🔗

Meet the Bird Guardian, Malek Awaji, who works under the Migratory Soaring Project in Jordan. Malek sits on top of a mountain each day to observe all bird pathways around a wind farm to protect migratory soaring against the fast-moving blades of wind turbines.