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For general enquiries regarding the Soaring Bird Sensitivity Map please send requests to


Data submission

Many researchers have kindly provided satellite tracking data for inclusion in the tool. This information provides invaluable insights into the movement of soaring bird species through the region, and we are keen to grow our repository of such data. If you have relevant satellite tracking data that you would like to contribute to the tool please contact


Data request

Some of the spatial datasets underpinning the Soaring Bird Sensitivity Tool can be made available to governments, researchers and conservation practitioners for non-commercial use. IBA data and species distribution data (digitized maps) are available for non-commercial use in ESRI shapefile format for use in GIS mapping software. Click here to request species range maps, or here to request the IBA GIS dataset.

Those wishing to obtain data for commercial purposes should visit the Integrated Biodiversity Assessment Tool for Business (IBAT for Business) —a tool designed to facilitate access to accurate and up-to-date biodiversity information that can help support business decisions.