• The Migratory Soaring Birds project is working with key sectors in countries along the Rift Valley and around the Red Sea, to ensure that developments which are improving the lives of the people of the region do no harm to the large soaring birds which use the world’s second largest migratory flyway.

    These sectors are Agriculture, Energy, Hunting, Tourism and Waste Management

    The MSB project aims to apply the most advanced of bird-sensitive and biodiversity-sensitive technology and best practice, within the tradition of hospitality towards visitors which is observed throughout the region.

  • Agriculture

    Neil Palmer (CIAT) - Flickr

    The MSB project wants agricultural practices to be truly sustainable. These can minimise the impact on the birds that use the flyway. Find out more

  • Energy

    Adrian S Jones

    The MSB project supports the shift to renewable energy, with the resulting benefits for people, while working with the energy sector to ensure that the flyway remains open and safe for migratory soaring birds. Find out more

  • Hunting

    Hunting is an important cultural tradition in the region and the MSB project works with hunters' organisations and governments to implement the principles of sustainable hunting, that keeps the harm done to populations of migratory soaring birds to a minimum. Find out more

  • Tourism

    The MSB project promotes biodiversity-friendly practices within the rapidly expanding tourism sector. The nature-tourism potential of the spectacular flocks of soaring birds has yet to be realised.  Find out more

  • Waste Management

    The MSB project aims to work with the waste disposal and treatment industry to improve the waste management practices at sites for the mutual benefits of people and migratory soaring birds. Find out more