Migratory soaring birds and the hunting sector meeting

Posted on Sat, 15/10/2011

Regional Workshop on Mainstreaming the Conservation of Migratory Soaring Birds (MSBs) into the Hunting Sector along the Rift Valley/Red Sea Flyway

Date: 17-19 October 2011

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Location: Beirut, Lebanon

Under the patronage of H.E. Mr. Nazem El-Khoury the Lebanese Minister of Environment, BirdLife International / UNDP-GEF Migratory Soaring Birds project, in cooperation with BirdLife national Lebanese partner – SPNL – is proud to announce the launching of the Regional Workshop on Mainstreaming the Conservation of Migratory Soaring Birds (MSBs) into the Hunting Sector along the Rift Valley/Red Sea Flyway. The regional workshop will be held from Monday the 17th to Wednesday the 19th of October 2011 at the Commodore hotel Beirut, Lebanon.

Experts from around the Middle East, Europe and Africa will gather in Beirut to work on plans to conserve the Rift Valley/Red Sea migratory soaring birds flyway, one of the most important flyways in the world for raptor, stork, and pelican species. The experts include NGOs from more than six Middle Eastern countries, staff from BirdLife International in Middle East, Africa, and Europe, and representatives from UNDP-Lebanon and the Lebanese Ministry of Environment.

The Rift Valley/Red Sea flyway is the second most important flyway for migratory soaring birds (raptors, storks, pelicans and some ibis) in the world, with over 1.5 million birds of 37 species, including 5 globally threatened species. Populations of many globally threatened and vulnerable migratory soaring birds are threatened by anthropogenic activities during their seasonal migrations along the Rift Valley/Red Sea flyway, where hunting is proved to pose the greatest risk to MSB, especially in Levant countries and in some parts of Africa, where hunting has huge cultural and traditional roots.

The workshop will build on cumulative experience and knowledge from EU Sustainable Hunting Project results (2004-2007) and the regional hunting workshop held by USFS (US Forest Service) and SPNL in October 2010, to build the participants capacity on MSB hunting issues and to mainstream MSB conservation in existing and planned conservation initiatives, and to feat and develop previous initiatives by mainstreaming MSB considerations. In addition, the workshop will promote and contribute to the development of a “Declaration on Hunting” in the Rift Valley/Red Sea flyway, development of a monitoring plan to assess the hunting pressure on MSBs, and will build on national efforts to tackle hunting issue; specifically by supporting the national Wildlife Law Enforcement vehicle in Jordan and the Higher Hunting Council vehicle in Lebanon.

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Julien Jreissati – Communication Officer – Migratory Soaring Birds Project.

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