The Visiting Birds

The Migratory Soaring Birds Project focuses its conservation efforts on 37 species of birds that visit our region twice a year.

5 of these species are globally threatened (IUCN): Egyptian Vulture, Saker Falcon, Eastern Imperial Eagle, Greater Spotted Eagle and Northern Bald Ibis while all of them have unfavourable conservation status according to the convention on migratory species (CMS).

Below is a list of all 37 species. For more information click on the species name.


Did you know?

Most soaring birds are predators at the top of the food chain and hence play a crucial role in the balance of ecosystems.

Soaring birds act as natural carrion and pest controls for agricultural practices therefore decreasing the need for harmful pesticides and rodenticides.

Some soaring birds features in many national emblems of the region (e.g. an eagle is represented on the Egyptian flag)