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  • Don't Kill Your Allies

    The impact of chemical and biological locust and grasshopper control on birds                                                              


  • Lebanon: Success stories in the protection of migratory soaring birds in 2020

    Migratory birds are part of the shared natural world heritage .Lebanon has the responsibility to secure their legendary migration between their breeding sites in Europe and Asia and their wintering grounds in Africa .Migratory birds connect our countries and our culture.


  • Birdwatching in Jordan

    Jordan is a great destination for bird-lovers and dedicated birdwatchers. Its remarkable variety of habitats provide the perfect environments for many species of indigenous birds.

    The birdwatching sites presented here are easily accessible and represent the main habitat types found in Jordan. Those listed under “Be one of the few to record” offer a challenge to the avid birdwatcher to spot, as they are rarer and have been reported by bird observers and anthropologists.


  • MSB Guidance shutdown on demand

    Review and guidance on use of “shutdown-on-demand” for wind turbines to conserve migrating soaring birds in the Rift Valley/Red Sea Flyway


  • Guidance on impact assessment of power grids on MSB

    Guidance on appropriate means of impact assessment of electricity power grids on migratory soaring birds in the Rift Valley / Red Sea Flyway


  • Guidelines of Best Practices for Bird Friendly Hotels in Egypt

    Responsible Tourism and Nature Conservation